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Education is Coaching

Education is Coaching

Ask any high-performing individual either inside or outside of the sports world, they will almost always tell you that coaching had a huge impact on their success. A great coach can inspire and motivate an individual to achieve greater things than they can have ever achieved on their own. The best coaches have a lifelong impact on the individual that transcends other areas of their life so they might duplicate their successes. Most importantly, a good coach educates as a means to instill a long term change in the consciousness of those they coach. When coaching involves a transfer of knowledge on a deep level something important happens; we become better people. The most profound coaching experiences teach and motivate us to not only perform better individually or on a team, but when we truly value what coaching taught us, we can become inspired to pass along what we have learned. Through its Global Coaching Initiative, World Sports Alliance is proud to be building a network of coaching knowledge in order identify and duplicate best practices in coaching. The Global Coaching Initiative shall serve as a means to inspire, as well as teach young people how to maximize their potential talents in all areas of life.


The will to succeed is important,but what’s more important is the will to prepare- Bobby Knight


The primary goals of World Sports Alliance are economic development and social mobility, both of which can be achieved through education. The common denominator amongst all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals is education, whether that is in regards to people, processes or products necessary in order to be successful. Using sports as a means of education can be both exciting as well as rewarding. Witnessing the growth of a young person as they strive to reach their potential is one of the most intriguing aspects of humanity. World Sports Alliance is capturing the essence of what is the best that humanity has to offer, as a means to improve both the individual and their surrounding community, all in furtherance of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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