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Youth Club International

Youth Club International

World Sports Alliance is dedicated to youth empowerment through sports, as a means to develop human potential in multiple areas; physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. By working within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, World Sports Alliance is fostering global citizenship towards the building of a just, humane and equitable society. In order to further achieve this, WSA has developed a program called Youth Club International, which is designed to fill in the gaps between creating sports participants and good global citizens among the youth population of our Member States. Youth Club International is designed to exist within the World Sports Alliance Global Fitness Centers as a place for youth to go and find constructive programs that lead to better health, mental well being and higher education. We believe that taking a pro-active approach to youth development, by providing a constructive outlet for youth energy, is a way to make a better world by addressing the future leaders of society while they are at the age where they are most in need of guidance.

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build the youth for our future- Franklin D. Roosevelt




Investing into the youth population is one of the most impactful ways to implement sustainable development practices. With time and capital being the two most important resources, World Sports Alliance’s Youth Club International seeks to provide a focal point where these two things can be utilized to their highest and best use. When youth are exposed to programs that instill positive habits in regards to health and education, the long term cost of health care and rate of criminal activity goes down per capita and the income of the overall population rises as those young people mature into adults. Teaching young people positive values such as gender and racial equality at a time in their life when they are still forming their adult identities will also have long term benefits as these same young people will understand the value of compassion and humanity as it relates to society. These actions will lead to a more sustainable community as the quality of the citizenry goes up. World Sports Alliance is proud to be working to instill positive values among young people as a means to make a better world and Youth Club International is leading the way.

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